How to Add Shanghai Metro Card to Apple Wallet and Charge with Apple Pay
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How to Add Shanghai Metro Card to Apple Wallet and Charge with Apple Pay

Hot news! One more important thing (besides cash and credit card) that we don’t have to carry every day. When upgraded to the latest iOS11.3 we can add Shanghai Metro Card to the iPhone Wallet app and recharge it by Apple Pay. Life gets easier, huh?

A UnionPay debit card will make you even happier.

Two ways to activate and recharge your virtual card:

1. a UnionPay Debit Card (Credit Card doesn’t work); and/or

2. a real Metro Card (card number starting from “U” or even simpler: cards in purple) with more than 20 yuan left in balance.


A 20 yuan deposit must be prepaid which is refundable, the same as to buy a real metro card. It’s not safe to add too much money since your transit card won’t be protected by iPhone password or finger print. Exactly the same as your real metro card. Anyone has your iPhone can use it to pay subway.

The transit card info resides in the Wallet settings. When you encounter any problem in a certain station, just go to the Service Centre and “Turn On Service Mode” before asking for help.

A low balance notification can be set up.

But first of all you need to check if you have below iPhone models. The Transit Card functionality only works on them:

Apple doesn’t state it clear that the transit card can’t be synced between your iPhone and Apple Watch Wallet simultaneously. One card can only be added to either device which means you have to buy two separate cards for the iPhone Wallet and the Apple Watch Wallet. Good news is you can easily transfer a card between the two devices if you use only one card.

Both iPhone and Apple Watch can be read fast enough by the metro entry machines.

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